Digital Disruption News No.1

Digital Disruption Energise

The first in a regular series of posts keeping you up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of digital disruption.

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The Swedish house designed by 2m people. This is what is called ‘cool’. Big data in design – http://buff.ly/1GJqta9

Soon, the idea of receiving medical treatment exclusively at a doctor’s office or hospital will seem quaint – http://buff.ly/1dhyoRc

What it takes to build your Digital Quotient | interesting interview with McKinsey – http://buff.ly/1GGYbNi

Connected machines: Taking manufacturing to the next level of IoT – http://buff.ly/1LlBmSD

Good article on Digital Marketing Automation Tools – http://buff.ly/1LsjAei

Why Startups Are More Successful than Ever at Unbundling Incumbents via HBR – http://buff.ly/1MXgmzT

Interesting piece on airplanes, big data, sensors – http://buff.ly/1QKmkdI

The Best Digital Strategists Don’t Think in Terms of Either/Or, very good via HBR – http://buff.ly/1LcprGU

The Age of Smart, Safe, Cheap Robots Is Already Here via HBR – http://buff.ly/1H2lXoF

Big Data and Predictive Analytics to Improve Pratt & Whitney Engine Performance http://buff.ly/1GeVSig

Farming smarter with big data. Great example of digital disruption in one of the most traditional of industries –  http://buff.ly/1MX9TFd

Ten ways autonomous driving could redefine the automotive world | interesting from McKinsey & Company – http://buff.ly/1H2mred

Industry 4.0: A confluence of trends and technologies promises to reshape the way things are made via McKinsey – http://buff.ly/1d9rnlz

Separating Digital Leaders from Digital Laggards – http://buff.ly/1d9rGNd

Facebook, Google set to crowd out competitors in digital news – More digital disruption for the newspaper industry – http://buff.ly/1BvlNW8

Bank branch use falls 6% as customers embrace digital. Smartphones and tablets to overtake branches this year – http://buff.ly/1d9lUuR

Thriving in an Increasingly Digital Ecosystem | good article on Digital Disruption from MIT Sloan Management Review – http://buff.ly/1IXcrSW

Is Your Business Ready for a Digital Future? | more from MIT Sloan Management Review – http://buff.ly/1d9q5qO

Managers in the Digital Age Need to Stay Human – spot on via HBR – http://buff.ly/1Bvm1N1

Interesting example of how Big Data can be used to reduce University drop out rates? Coming here soon? – http://buff.ly/1MXaEhD

A New Digital Drama Unfolding in the C-Suite – who should lead digital change? – http://buff.ly/1K4rHz7

Digital Leaders Urgently Required – new evidence – http://buff.ly/1LsdGtH

Interesting, the top ten brands on LinkedIn in terms of Content Marketing – http://buff.ly/1SACrrT

UK business risks losing market share due to bad customer service, more demanding young, social media savvy customers – http://buff.ly/1H6P9MY

How One Company Reduced Email by 64% – a must read for everyone suffering from email overload – http://buff.ly/1H6QC5U

What Makes FC Barcelona Such a Successful Business via HBR – http://buff.ly/1CldhnU

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Dr. Jim Hamill

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