Measuring Social Media Performance and Business Impact (Part 3)

Measuring Social Media Performance and Business Impact

Part 1 in this series introduced our Six I’s approach to Social Media Performance Measurement.

In Part 2, we listed a wide range of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that could be used for measuring performance at three main levels – individual social media channels, overall ‘buzz’ and business impact; taking into account the difference between ‘Lag’ and ‘Lead’ measures.

The third and final article in the series highlights the wide range of tools that have become available for measuring social performance, with a particular focus on the one that we at Energise 2-0 have been using for some time now.

A Fragmented Market

As a relatively new industry, with low barriers to entry, the Social Media Performance Measurement sector remains highly fragmented with a very large number of competing suppliers. Products range from no or low cost packages to extremely expensive. Rather than presenting a detailed comparison here, a comparison that would become dated very quickly, we would point you in the direction of a recent article that appeared on the Social Media Examiner blog. As well as comparing 5 of the most commonly used tools, the article also provides good advice on the approach you should adopt and the questions you should ask when choosing an appropriate measurement tool.

5 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Simplify Your Marketing

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Social Report

We have tried and tested many of the tools mentions in the above articles. The one we have found most useful, and the one we use for providing detailed Social Media Performance Reports to Energise 2-0 clients, is Social Report – www.socialreport.com

The video embedded below explains how it works and the level of detailed analytics provided.

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