7 Best Practice Guides to Using Twitter for Business

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We were recently asked by a client organisation to prepare a high level ‘Strategic Guide to Using Twitter’. Most of our efforts were focused on developing a Twitter strategy fully aligned with the organisation’s core business goals and objectives, while at the same time implementing an agreed Performance Management System for measuring Twitter success and overall business impact.

In preparing the top level strategy, we also came across a number of very useful and highly practical ‘hands-on’ guides to using Twitter which we thought would be of interest to readers of the Energise 2-0 blog. These are listed below.

The guides will be mainly of interest to those starting on their Twitter journey. More experienced users should also find them a useful source of guidance.  Like driving, the more experienced you become the more you pick up bad habits.

Hootsuite – Twitter for Business ~ A Guide by the HootSuite Social Media Coaches

HubSpot – How to Use Twitter For Business, A Beginner’s Guide

Chartered Institute of Public Relations – Social Media Best Practice Guide

Social Media Today – 8 Twitter Best Practices

Social Media Today – Twitter Best Practices: 11+ Tips for Tweeting Well

Twitter for Business – Twitter for Small Business

Mashable – Twitter Guide Book – How To, Tips and Instructions

Let us know what you think. Do you have links to other Twitter ‘Best Practice Guides’ that could be included?

Take care.

Jim and Vincent


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