Microsoft: The Next Dinosaur?

Microsoft: The Next Dinosaur?Recent articles on the Energise 2-0 blog have posed the question – who will be the next dinosaur?. Who will be the next company, organisation or industry to face extinction due to its failure to adapt to new technology?

Who would have thought that Microsoft would be put forward for this distinction?

With the recently announced resignation of Steve Ballmer, serious questions are now being asked about Microsoft’s future. A hard hitting article on the Bloomberg web site poses the question Is Microsoft’s Useful Life Nearing its End?

The article argues that, under Steve Ballmer, Microsoft failed to anticipate or adequately respond to almost every technological innovation that came along, from Web search to music to social networking to mobile phones to tablet computers. While core products such as the Windows operating system and the Office suite of applications continue to rack up big profits, bureaucratic complexity, top talent defection and a corporate culture resistant to change threaten the company’s very existence.

Microsoft, according to the authors, could become the embodiment of Clayton Christensen’s ‘innovator’s dilemma,’ in which profitable companies fight so hard to protect their established products that they fail to respond to innovations by smaller and nimbler competitors. This may result in the break-up of Microsoft into smaller and more focused companies focusing on rapidly growing products and services.

You can read the full article here.

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Adapt or die.

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