Rethinking the World of Leadership in a Social World

disengaged-workersIn previous blog posts, we have questioned whether existing approaches to business strategy and business management are ‘fit for purpose’ in an increasingly social era.  Are our Business School's stuck in the past or looking to the future?

Support for our line of argument comes from no other than the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. In a recent article entitled ‘Rethinking the World of Leadership’, Dan Ponterfract argues that, even in 2013, we are still following organizational leadership models that continue to deny the social nature of organizations and wallow in inertia.  According to Dan, our leadership practices remain authoritative; people are disengaged, distrusting and perhaps even disenfranchised.

Consider this evidence accumulated from different studies:

  • Fewer than 20% of people believe leaders tell the truth when confronted with a difficult issue in their organizations
  • Only 34% of organizations have high levels of trust; with only 38% reporting that their organizations have effective leadership
  • The percentage of engaged employees in the workforce hovers around the 30% mark or less. 70% just collect a pay check

The article then presents a couple of very interesting case examples of new ‘social’ approaches to business management and leadership.

We would encourage you to read the full article here (free registration may be required but this is simple and easy to do).

Is your own organizational structure and leadership style ‘fit for purpose’ in a social world?

As normal, all comments and feedback are very welcome.

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