The Dinosaurs of Cannes

CannesLionsPrevious articles on the Energise 2-0 blog have posed the question – who will be the next dinosaur? Who will be the next company, organisation or industry to face extinction due to its failure to adapt to new technology – see second slide set at Social Business Slides.

According to an excellent article in the Harvard Business School blog, by John Winsor, the next dinosaur could well be the global advertising community, especially its annual and very extravagant Cannes Lions Festival.

According to John, 'this year's event felt a bit like the Roman Empire during the Age of Caligula, one of history's most tyrannical leaders. Don't get me wrong — I love a good party. But, while the industry is partying, all on the client's dime, the world around us is radically changing as digital technology evolves the way we all communicate.'

During one of the sessions, an industry luminary was quoted as saying 'at the end of the day, it's about finding clients who let you do great work. And if they don't let you do great work, xxxx 'em.'

You can read John's full article at The Dinosaurs of Cannes. Free registration may be required.

As usual, all comments and feedback are very welcome. In an age of constantly connected and empowered customers, does the global advertising industry need to 'adapt or die'?

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