From Social Media to Social Business (Updated June 2013)

IBM Social Business

IBM Social Business

Our first article with this title was published on 6th June, 2012 – From Social Media to Social Business (with apologies*): Post 1. The article introduced the emerging topic of Social Business together with the thoughts of some leading edge thinkers in this area.

All of our subsequent articles on Social Business can be found at http://energise2-0.com/category/social-business/

The list of references contained in our June 6th article of last year has been fully updated below.

Reading List: From Social Media to Social Business (Updated June 2013)


Move Over Social Media: Here Comes Social Business
Excellent article, by Fast Company, covering IBM’s initial use of the term and it’s vision for social business. Makes reference to IBM’s previous introduction of the term e-business.

The IBM Social Business web site is a good source of information including a very useful background article entitled IBM – Social business: From curiosity to strategic imperative; also a recent White Paper entitled Social Business: Patterns in Achieving Social Business Success by Leading and Pioneering Organizations

Salesforce.com provide good case examples of Social Business in action.

The Path From a Social Brand to a Social Business from Brian Solis

Other key articles from Brian include:

They All Laughed – the road to becoming a social enterprise

Are you Building a Social Brand or a Social Business?

Nice summary of Brian Solis’ Little Blue Book of Social Transformation

How Social Media is Sparking Organizational Transformation

Recent research report from MIT: Social Business: What are companies really doing?

The Outcome of being a Social Business is an Adaptive Organization

Fall of Michael Porter’s 5 Forces & the Rise of Social Business < what they going to teach in Business Schools now?

Very clear article from HBR explaining the difference between various terms e.g. social media, social business, enterprise 2.0 etc buff.ly/15x4XD7

Gartner: Successful social business initiatives require leadership and behavioral changes not just technology

Does the future of business management lie in social?. Internal networks will become more important than email – Gartner

From Gartner – The Dawning Age of Mass Collaboration

Bring Social to your Business Processes

Infographic: 10 Social Business Trends for 2013

Social Media in Business Process Management from HBR

McKinsey Study – The Value of Social Business

The Best Social Business Research/Analysis of 2012


The End of Business as Usual – Brian Solis

Macrowikinomics: New Solutions for a Connected Planet – Don Tapscott

Social Business By Design: Transformative Social Media Strategies for the Connected Company – Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim

The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence: How to Compete, Win and Expand Through Collaboration – Vala Afshar and Brad Martin

The Social Organization: How To Use Social Media To Tap The Collective Genius Of Your Customers and Employees – Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald

Socialized: How The Most Successful Companies Harness The Power Of Social – Mark Fidelman

What’s The Future of Business: Changing The Way Businesses Create Experiences – Brian Solis

The Thank You Economy – Gary Vanderchuk

As usual, comments and feedback are very welcome. Be Social!

Take care.

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