Launch of the Digital Glasgow Strategy

Glasgow Scotland Tomorrow (Monday 18th March), we will be delivering one of the Keynote speeches at the official launch of the Digital Glasgow Strategy.

The overall aim of the strategy is to position Glasgow as a leading digital city over the next 5 years, securing and growing competitive advantage by providing opportunities for residents and businesses to embrace the full benefits of the digital age.

The strategy states that 'the effective use of digital technologies by citizens, businesses, voluntary organisations and in the delivery of public services has the potential to transform the way the city works: boosting productivity, driving economic growth, providing jobs, connecting communities and revitalising the way services are delivered'.

The Digital Glasgow Strategy will ensure alignment of both existing and new
investments, programmes and initiatives across the following key themes: urban wireless/mobile; broadband infrastructure; SME/e-commerce; incubation and start up; citizen participation; training and employment; digital public services; benchmarking and impact assessment.

Gen CWe have been asked to lead the session on 'Digital Skills for Enterprise and Getting a Job'.

In the presentation embedded below we argue that:

  • Digital is NOT just a channel change e.g. putting services online. It is a major paradigm shift in the way we do business/ the way our organisations operate
  • To ensure that Glasgow and Scotland fully leverage emerging technologies for improving our international competitiveness, we need a reliable supply of Digital Leaders – young people with the hybrid skills and experience for developing, implementing and managing effective digital strategies for building sustained growth and competitiveness (Social, the Cloud, Big Data, Mobile etc)
  • All the evidence points to a growing skills shortage in these areas (see Alan's recent post entitled Fast Running Out of Digital Skills)
  • The presentation calls for the establishment of a Gen C Digital Leaders Programme – a programme that will deliver an innovative new approach to creating quality job opportunities for our young people, tackling the twin problems of youth unemployment and underemployment, while at the same time delivering real tangible business benefits to Scottish companies – improved performance and international competitiveness.

We very much welcome your thoughts and feedback on this very important issue.

Take care.

Jim, Alan and Vincent

As usual, if you wish to download and save the slides, please click on the 'View on Slideshare' button and you can download from there.


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