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Source: Michael Brito (see reference)

Next week, I will be in Malta & Gozo delivering 4 one day workshops on the EU funded Advance Tourism Management Development Programme.

As mentioned in a previous post, the topic of the workshops is ‘Building a Social Destination’. At the end of this post you will find the PowerPoint slides to be used during the workshops together with the Module overview.

Two key issues will be addressed:

  •  To achieve sustained growth in visitor numbers and value, does Malta/Gozo need to become a ‘Social Destination’?
  • If yes, how do we ‘get there’ – what key actions and initiatives are required?

A very important part of Module will be ‘crowdsourced ideation’. In other words, Module participants will be encouraged to come up with innovative ideas concerning the following questions (see slide 40):

  • Does Malta/Gozo need to become a Social Destination? Why? What are the Business Benefits?
  • Internal: How can we best use Social Technologies/Media to leverage the ‘collective intelligence’ and enthusiasm of all industry stakeholders for mutual benefit – building ‘mass collaboration’? What role can the Advance-Tourism Portal play?
  • External: How can we best use Social Technologies/Media for building ‘mass collaboration’ with our customers; building a strong online network of brand advocates?
  • What role should different industry stakeholders play e.g. Malta Tourism Authority, National Airline, Hotels, Niche Players, Customers etc
  • What should the next steps be? Key Actions and Initiatives?

The Power of Being SocialWith over 200 senior managers from the tourism and hospitality industry attending the four sessions, we are expecting some very interesting ideas to be put forward. We will summarise these in a follow-up post.

In the meantime, how do the above questions apply to your own organisation?

  • You are probably ‘doing social’ but is your organisation ‘being social’?
  • Do you need to become social? Why?  What are the business benefits from becoming a social organisation? What are the risks of not doing it?
  • What are the issues and challenges you face in ‘getting there’?

We very much welcome your thoughts and contributions.

Take care.

Jim H

Source of Image: Michael Brito

Module Overview: Malta and Gozo Building a Social Destination

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