Social Media Use in the Middle East: Infographics

Bahrain World Trade Centre

Bahrain World Trade Centre

Earlier this week, @econsultancy published an article entitled ‘Five Interesting Infographics from the Middle East’.

Three of these will be very useful for my forthcoming Social Media Workshops in Bahrain as part of the Strathclyde Business School MBA Programme and are reprinted below.

Econsultancy also publish a very detailed ‘Middle East and North Africa Internet Statistics Compendium’

The three Infographics are (click on image to enlarge):

How Well Are Companies in the Middle East Using Social Media? (Original Source: Bayt blog)

Social Media in the Middle East

 Twitter Users in Arab Countries (Original Source: Khalid el Ahmed)

Twitter Users in the Arab World


Facebook Users in Arab Countries (Original Source: Khalid el Ahmed)

 Facebook Users in the Arab World

I look forward to meeting everyone in Bahrain next week.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the class. Take care

Jim H

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