Twitter tactics, as an infographic

I love the little tips and tricks to be gleaned through listening out on Social Media; when is the best time to post, what types of posts work best, how can I increase my…retweets, replies, reach?

While there is a lot of channel management advice out there, much of it is generic or anecodotal. However, a small group of consultants are approaching this area more scientifically (relying on research and empirical evidence to tell their story).

Dan Zarrella is one of the best around (see Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas – a great read) but there are others.

It was with some interest that I stumbled on this great infographic from Fuseworks Studio (based on a research study by Buddy Media, entitled ‘Strategies for Effective Tweeting‘): 

twitter best practices maximizing your tweets infographic

A Twitter infographic by Fusework Studios

I’ll let the infographic speak for itself but suffice to say, there are some pretty big take-aways for improving your use of Twitter.

Will this affect your approach? Do you have any insights you could share? As always, we would be very interested in your comments.


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