Scottish PLCs fail to embrace Social Media: Part 2

ScotlandBack in January, Alan published an article entitled ‘Scottish PLCs fail to embrace Social Media’.  Based on some initial research we conducted at the end of last year, Scotland’s PLCs were found to be trailing behind FTSE 100 companies in their strategic use of social media.

As we move into the era of ‘Connected Customers’, this is a source of major concern.

A recent Infographic published on the eConsultancy web site and reprinted below allows some additional comparisons to be made with US Fortune 500 companies.

  • Blogs: our estimate is that fewer than 5 per cent of Scottish PLCs have a well developed corporate blog.  The comparable figure for Fortune 500 companies is 23 per cent
  • Twitter: our initial research suggests that only 17 per cent of Scottish PLCs are active on Twitter. For Fortune 500 companies the figure is 62 per cent
  • Facebook: Similarly, less than 10 per cent of Scottish PLCs have a strong Facebook presence. For Fortune 500 companies the comparable figure is 58%

As stated in the previous post, we do not claim that our preliminary research in this area is in any way comprehensive or scientific.  We are also fully aware that social media is much wider than blogging, Twitter and Facebook. These early findings do suggest, however, that ‘Scotland PLC’ may be a world ‘laggard’ rather than ‘leader’ in the use of social media for building sustained customer and competitive advantage.

We are conducting more detailed research in this area and will report back asap.

In the meantime, all comments and feedback are very welcome. Do you agree that Scotland PLC is a social media ‘laggard’? Why is this the case? If your company is making good strategic use of social media, please do let us know.

Take care.

Jim, Alan, Vincent

Fortune 500 Social Media Infographic

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