Data no longer boring, time to get excited about Infographics

Dribble.com infographic imageWe are pretty excited about the recent developments by Visual.ly – the self proclaimed – ‘world’s largest community for sharing infographics’.

This service now allows anyone (with a Facebook or Twitter account) to create customised infographics. More than just a good look and feel, these creations also interrogate the Facebook and Twitter APIs directly, to provide some very interesting insight.

Visual.ly is not the only ‘create’ service in town and with these latest developments, its time to get excited about Infographics.

Visual.ly is not alone

It was only a matter of time before infographics and data visualisations became more easily created by the masses. As a non-designer, non-statistician I can expect some pretty sophisticated visualisation tools at my disposal…new creation services, lots of customisation options and a wealth of data to explore.

Whilst Visual.ly appears to be leading in this space, we have started to experiment with a range of other useful services, including:

What was once the realm of the web designer and research analyst, is quickly becoming available to the masses and it can only be a good thing.

For those of you less inclined to create an infographic or data visualisation, please also remember that the web is replete with these story-telling devices – the Visual.ly community itself has more than 11,000 to find and share [1].

What do you think of these infographic creation services? Are there other services you are aware of? Are there great infographics you want to share?

As always your comments are most welcome.

Alan, Jim and Vincent

[1] Visual.ly Launches a Tool for Self-Serve Custom Infographics

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