Google+ Update – 7 relevant articles

Google+ iconWhilst the ‘jury is still out’ on  Google+ for many of us, new features are being added on a continual basis and (some) companies are deriving benefit. Is there a tipping point in site?

Listed below, you will find 7 recent, relevant articles to help you decide where Google+ sits within your wider social media strategy. Previous updates can be found here

Will New Apps Drive Businesses to “Hangout” on Google+? – Social Media Today

Google to launch third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook – The Next Web

How Google+ Ripples Provides Social Sharing Insights – Social Media Examiner

Some Google+ Housekeeping Matters – Customer Think

Five brands that are using Google+ effectively – E-Consultancy.com

Top 50 Google+ Circles for Social Media Savvy Educators – The Sociable Blog

Improving Google Plus: More Ideas By Actual Users – Social Media Today

Are you still  considering a Google+ page for your organisation? What will clinch it for you?

As usual, comments and feedback are very welcome.

Take care.

Alan, Jim, Vincent

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