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Forrester LogoWe wrote a while back about what are Social Technographics and why should you care. In a nutshell, it provides one excellent way to gauge Social Media behaviour(s) amongst users and set some benchmarks for your own initiatives.

Forrester’s Josh Bernoff has recently encouraged other websites to embed their Social Technographics Tool – this is such a great resource, they don’t need to ask twice.
Social Technographics identify the relative % of those that are…

  • Creators – publish blogs, web pages, upload videos or audio or post articles or stories
  • Critics who post ratings / reviews of products or services, comment on another blog, contribute to online forums or contribute to or edit articles in a wiki
  • Collectors – who use RSS feeds, vote for websites online or add tags to web pages or photos.
  • Joiners – those that maintain a social network profile or visit social networking sites.
  • Spectators – who read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch video from other users, read online forums, read customer ratings and reviews and read tweets.
  • Inactives – none of the above and not involved in Social Media.

The Tool embedded below, allows anyone to explore Forrester Research’s Consumer Technographic Data by Age Group, Country and Gender. Why not start building some profiles?

Were you aware of this resource already? Are there others equally as useful?

As always we look forward to your comments.

Alan, Jim and Vincent

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