Google+ Update: 10 Useful Articles

Google+ iconSince August of last year, we have been publishing a series of articles keeping you up-to-date with trends and developments with Google+.

Listed below, you will find 10 recent articles which you may find useful in agreeing your Google+ Strategy. Based on our reading of these articles, it would appear that the jury is still out concerning how important G+ will become. We will keep you fully informed of new articles coming on stream.

Previous updates can be found here

Google+ brand pages: 20 of the best photo strips | Econsultancy – from econsultancy

The mounting minuses at Google+ – from hotelmarketing

As usual, comments and feedback are very welcome. Do you have a Google+ page for your orgnaisation? Is so, please feel free to drop the address into the comments box below.

Take care.

Jim, Alan, Vincent

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