Make Music, not Noise

Social Media MusicWhen we are asked by companies how we should communicate in Social Media we usually steal a line from Seth Godin, “Make Music, not Noise” we reply. 

Music vs. Noise

Music is something people want to hear, something we identify with, something we talk about and spread. Music is powerful. Music is a tweet that is retweeted or a blog post that attracts comments, shares and trackbacks.

In contrast, Noise is a din or racket. Most of us complain about noise, at best it is an irritant and at worst a pollutant. Noise can be damaging. Noise is yet another post telling those that are not listening how good we are, a tweet that adds little value or the next update to be overlooked.

The Social Media river (of news) has become polluted with noise. In our experience, precious few create music in Social Media.

Be one of the few. Happy composing.

As always your comments are most welcome.

Alan, Jim and Vincent

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