Football and Social Media: 10 Interesting Links

Football and Social MediaRegular readers of this blog will know that one of our great passions is the potential of social media for building fan engagement in the sports industry, especially football (soccer to our North American colleagues). We know that many of our readers share this passion.

From a slow start, many football clubs are now actively engaging with social media. The year 2011, in particular, was one of very rapid progress.

In such a fast moving environment, it is often very difficult to keep up-to-date with developments. Readers who share our passion in this area will find the following links to be extremely useful.

Digital Football
Excellent site. Run by Sean Walsh, the site contains many very interesting articles on the football/social media interface.

Football and Social Media
Claims to be the ‘authority on football and social media’. Some good blog posts with the key part of the site being the updated Social Media League Tables covering teams’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, also leading players on twitter.

Football Marketing
Excellent site covering all aspects of football marketing. The social media section of the site is mainly the Monthly League Tables covering the world’s leading clubs, not just in Europe.

Energise 2-0: Sports Marketing
A list of our own blog posts on social media, sports marketing and football can be found at the above link.

Football and Social Media in Belgium
Interesting Slideshare presentation on Football and Social Media in Belgium based on interviews with most clubs. A White Paper from the research can be downloaded here.

Marseille and Adidas Let Fans Pick Kit Design
Could see a lot more of this, but why stop at just choosing the kit? Why doesn’t the crowd design it?

Arsenal’s 360 degree panoramic ‘tag yourself’ ground photo
Interesting use from the Gunners.

Bayern Munich’s Infamous Social Media Own Goal
The importance of getting it right.

Man city and the Social Media Stadium
Man City becoming widely recognised as one of the leaders in their use of social media

Social Media Poisoning Football
Commentary on Neil Warnock’s parting shot at Twitter

Football Production Summit
Could be an interesting Summit in Paris at the end of February
“Clubs have more ways of engaging with their fans than ever, with a spectrum of possibilities that run from social networking initiatives all the way up to running their own TV channels. What are the perils and pitfalls of joining the broadcasting business? How much does the equipment cost? What is the minimum technical spec that should be considered? And how do clubs monetise one of the most precious assets that they have; their archive?”

As usual, comments and feedback are very welcome.

Please feel free to add your own links in the Comments Box below.

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Jim, Alan, Vincent

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