Your Future is our Future: SCDI’s #4MyGen Forum

Gen YEnergise are delighted to be involved in the #4MyGen Forum at the forthcoming Scottish Council Development and Industry Annual Conference to be held on the 15/16th March, 2012. The #4MyGen Session will focus on the role of young people in building a Smart Successful Scotland. The hashtag #4MyGen was chosen deliberately to fit with the rallying call for young people used during the recent Davos World Economic Forum.

Keynote speakers at the Forum include Dr. Lesley Sawers, Chief Executive, SCDI; Prof. Stephane Garelli, World Competitiveness Forum; Gerald Holtham, Chair, Holtham Commission; Donald MacRae OBE, Chief Economist, Lloyds Banking Group Scotland; Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland and others.

Our main contribution to the event will be to facilitate a group discussion with 30 to 40 young people (reporting back to the main Forum) around the theme of ‘Engage and Empower’. Not surprisingly, the focus will be on the role of new technology, especially social media; how it can be used to involve, engage and empower young people in Scotland’s political and economic agenda.

A brief overview of our session is reprinted below.

EngageEngage and Empower

The active involvement of our young people is critical to achieving the goals and objectives of a SMART Successful Scotland. They can be a very powerful source for positive political change and rapid economic/business development. To leverage this potential, we need to maximise the use of new technology, especially social media, to engage and empower.

This Parallel Session will focus on the exciting opportunities presented by social media to engage with and empower our young people, ensuring that they can make a very positive contribution to the political, economic, business and social development of a SMART Successful Scotland.

Rather than talking AT them, the session (to be facilitated by Dr. Jim Hamill and Alan Stevenson of Energise 2.0) will involve ‘crowdsourcing’ innovative ideas from a group of 40 young people covering the following areas:

1. How new technology and social media can be used to better involve, engage and empower our young people in Scotland’s emerging political agenda

2. What role can new technology and social media play in generating rapid economic and business growth in Scotland? How can Scottish business best leverage the social media skills and experience of our young people to generate sustained growth and competitiveness? Can social media provide quality job and career opportunities? What needs to be done to support this?

3. Do we have the skills and expertise to establish Scotland as an International Centre of Excellence in Digital Marketing and Social Media?

Feedback and comment from readers of the Energise Blog are very welcome. We will be more than happy to communicate your thoughts to the main Forum. What do you think? Does social media provide exciting new job opportunities for our young people? Do companies need the social media skills and experience that our young people already have? Do we have the skills and experience to build an internationally recognised Centre of Excellence in Digital Marketing/Social Media in Scotland?

An Agenda for the two day event is attached. Further information can be found on the Forum web site at www.scdiforum.co.uk

The young people attending will be mainly by invite. However, a limited number of sponsored places may also be available.

We will keep you posted on new developments in the run up to the Forum.

Take care.

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Jim, Alan, Vincent

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