Reinventing the University

How to Sleep in ClassTomorrow we will be facilitating a workshop on the topic of ‘Universities and Social Media’. Embedded below are the slides we will be using to stimulate debate on the future role of Universities in a social media era.  Will social media herald the end of Universities as we know them?  Do we need to rethink their role in a constantly connected world? What impact will the rise of ‘social students’ have? Do Universities need to reinvent in order to remain relevant?

You may find slides 24 to 44 to be of particular interest.  These present a short summary of Chapter 8 (‘Rethinking the University: Collaborative Learning’) from Don Tapscott’s excellent Macrowikinomics book (with some additions from ourselves).

As usual, comments and feedback are very welcome.  Is there a need for change?  How well have Universities adapted?  What progress has your own University made?

Slides below – take care

Jim, Alan, Vincent

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