30 Social Media Predictions for 2012 (Part 2)

Please find below Social Media Predictions 16 to 30 from the excellent Social Media Examiner article mentioned yesterday.

How many of these would be on your list of important social media trends for 2012? Which ones are the most important to you?

What are your plans for Social Media moving into 2012 and beyond?

#16: Marketers adopt smarter social media tools
#17: Businesses integrate new content consumption practices
#18: The “applification” of social media continues
#19: More branded Facebook apps are on the way
#20: More “do it all” services will become available
#21: Convergence of social and mobile (but maybe not what you’re thinking)
#22: Marketers embrace mobile
#23: Email and social call a truce
#24: Businesses fall in love with email marketing again
#25: Traditional marketing interweaves social media
#26: The blue-collar blogging revolution heats up
#27: Marketers learn to craft messages to get above the noise
#28: The social media gap widens
#29: Businesses invest in quality content
#30: Rise of the media specialist

Take care

Vincent, Jim, Alan

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