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As we move into 2012, there will be a need for companies and organisations, of all sizes and across all sectors, to move to a more advanced stage of social media engagement.  This will require the development and implementation of an effective Social Media Strategy covering the core business objectives to be achieved, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets; the adoption of a customer led approach;  development of Action Plans covering the key social media initiatives to be implemented; an agreed process for on-going performance measurement; organisational, resource and people issues.

To assist organisations in this area, we will be launching a free Online Course entitled ‘Social Media Strategy and Management’ early in 2012.  The course will cover the key steps involved in developing and implementing a successful social media strategy for building sustained customer and competitive advantage.  A simplified Balanced Scorecard approach will be used to ensure that your emerging Social Media Strategy is fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives; that KPIs and targets are agreed for evaluating on-going performance and business impact; and that close attention is paid to the organisational, people and resource barriers that often prevent successful strategy implementation. 

The Course will comprise 10 Modules as listed in the attachment to this post.  Each Module will include a short text summary of key points to note; links to additional resources; powerpoint presentations and videos, where appropriate.

The Course is free.  The only thing we ask is that you become actively involved in contributing to course content through asking questions, providing comment, links to relevant articles, case studies and so on.  We are firm believers in the power of crowdsourced content – that the collective social media knowledge and experience of course participants will always be greater than one or two individuals.

While we will take the lead role in preparing the initial material, crowd contributions to improve Course Content are very welcome and actively encouraged.  Why not join our global community in jointly producing the definitive guide to ‘Social Media Strategy and Management’?  If you have expertise in a specific area, we are very open to guest contributions.

At this stage, you can register your interest in joining the Programme here. That way we can keep you informed of developments.

Modules will be published at regular intervals during the year.  A draft Course Outline is attached below.  Given the dynamic pace of change in Social Media, this may be subject to change to maintain relevance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at this stage.

Take care and we look forward to you joining us as we all progress on the next stage of our social media learning journey.

Jim, Alan, Vincent

Course Outline Social Media Strategy and Management

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