#Gooooaaaaalllllll does it get any more powerful than this?

I notice with some interest that Mississippi State, an American football team, have painted the hashtag #hailstate in letters 10 feet high in the endzone of their local pitch. The first question you might ask is why go to this extreme? Well, perhaps its not as crazy as it might appear.

Sentiment analysis agencies have already correlated peaks in social media buzz with moments of greatest emotion.

Transfer this finding to sporting events and the implication is clear. If you are seriously in the business of creating a buzz about your team or brand, raising awareness and enhancing the fan experience – you must leverage your key moments of positive emotion. Or in other words, find ways to encourage your fans to tweet in unison at the next goal, try, birdie or result.

Could we create a digital “cheer” that can be “heard” around the world?

It seems apparent, that not only will we soon see a rush by official brands to ‘claim’ their hashtags – think #mcilroybirdie #mancitygoal #scotlandtry – but a few digital mavericks will also promote their use in letters 10 feet high or flashed on the jumbo-tron.

Could we create a digital “cheer” that can be “heard” around the world? When the reward for some teams is buzz and excitement being generated in untapped Asian and North American markets, why not give it a go?

To sum up, I like your thinking Mississippi State. In saying that, I can’t help but think that another reason for this move must be due to all of those spelling mistakes…M then I then…

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Alan, Jim and Vincent

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