Sports Marketing 2.0

I am off to Treviso, Italy next week to deliver a one day workshop on ‘Sports Marketing 2.0’ as part of the Masters in Strategie per il Business dello Sports programme.

This is the fourth consecutive year that I have taught social media on this programme. It is fascinating to look at the social media progress made by Sports Marketing Organisations over that period.

For example, a 2008 study undertaken by one of my own Master’s students showed that none of the leading football clubs in Europe had a Facebook presence. The study also examined their use of MySpace and Bebo 🙂 Twitter?- what is that?.

Compare that to now. In August of this year, the world’s top 30 football teams had a combined Facebook and Twitter following of 118.6 million ‘fans’ (110.7m Facebook ‘likes’; 7.9m Twitter followers) – see ‘Top Football Clubs Social Media League Table, August 2011’. We have seen some major sports organisations pass control of their social media activities to their fans ( see New Jersey Devils). A number of major football clubs have launched social media campaigns to build their overseas fan base (see Liverpool).

I have embedded below the ppt presentation to be used during next week’s workshop.

Previous Energise 2.0 articles on Sports Marketing 2.0 can be found here.

As part of the one day workshop, students on the programme will be asked to evaluate the social media progress made by a sports marketing organisation of their own choice. I will ask them to post up their findings in the comments section below.

For those on the programme, i look forward to meeting you all next week. See slides below. You can download and save these by clicking the ‘View on Slideshare’ tab.

Take care

Jim H

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