How the World’s Leading Football Clubs Are Using Twitter, October 2011 Update

Recent blog posts have shown that the world’s leading football clubs have become proactive twitter users. However, with only a few exceptions, they are using it mainly for broadcasting messages TO fans rather than engaging WITH them – see ‘Walking Alone: Top Football Clubs use Twitter for Broadcasting’; also ‘How the Leading Football Clubs are Using Twitter’.

Attached to this post, you will find our October update of twitter use by the world’s top 20 football clubs based on the detailed profiles provided by www.twtrland.com Please note: the Club’s are listed in terms of their September League Table Positions.

Key points to note are as follows: 

  • Over half of the 20 clubs (13) set up their twitter accounts in 2009, with 4 being later adopters in 2010. Only 3 clubs – Real Madrid, Chivas (del Club Deportivo Guadalajara) and Manchester City – can be described as early adopters having set up their accounts in 2007 or 2008
  • The combined number of twitter followers for the 20 clubs is approaching 9.5 million. This represents an increase of 1.1 million or 13 per cent compared to our last table in September. The top 5 clubs continue to account for 60% of the total number of followers (6th October)
  • Some interesting changes have taken place in league positions with Chelsea and Galatasaray overtaking Palmeiras in follower numbers. Manchester City have overtaken Boca Juniors and CR Vasco da Gama.
  • The 20 clubs have posted a total of 197,371 tweets compared to a total of 180,214 tweets by September. This represents an increase from 11 to 15 in terms of the average number of tweets per day per club.
  • The most interesting part of the table remains the percentage breakdown by type of tweet. A full 83.4 per cent of all tweets posted were ‘plain’ tweets or tweets providing ‘links’, mainly to the official web site of the clubs. This represents an increase from 82.4 per cent in September. By contrast, only 5% of tweets were ‘replies’. For 16 out of the 20 clubs examined, the percent of ‘reply’ tweets was less than 5%. For 11 clubs, less than 1% of all tweets posted were replies

The above data reinforce our earlier findings that the world’s top football clubs are using twitter for talking AT rather than WITH their fans. The only exceptions to this appear to be Liverpool, CF America (Mexico) and Chivas with a higher percent of ‘reply’ tweets.

As usual, comment and feedback are very welcome.

Are you happy with the way your Club is using twitter?

Jim, Alan, Vincent

Football TWTR League Table October 2011

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