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To blog or not to blogFor the last few years we have been ‘talking up’ the benefits of building websites based on blogging platforms. There are 5 great reasons for doing this:

  1. Blogs are inexpensive – Blogging tools are usually free to use, there are no licence fees and you have the choice to host independently (for a minimal fee $9 / month or less) or use the ‘.com’ platform for free
  2. Blogs are easy to use – blogging platforms are designed for every level of technical ability, they have been road-tested on millions of users (and in the case of WordPress or Blogger, tens of millions)
  3. Blogs allow experimentation – Blogging tools usually have a hosted platform which will allow you to experiment, create a structure and layout on the ‘fly’ so to speak. Compare this to the traditional wireframe – concept – build process.
  4. Blogs are feature-rich – more or less anything you can do through a website you can do using a blogging tool, including adding forms, analytics, online shopping, forums, networks, embedded content, comment and share functionality, the list goes on. In fact, blog development communities are often first to innovate and react to new changes.
  5. Blogs are loved by search engines – blogs are by their very nature dynamic and inter-linked – Google loves these attributes for any site. They also tend to be indexed more often by search engine bots. Blog posts regularly appear higher in the search engines on key and sometimes very topical subject areas.

A recent example of the power of Blogs within search is the post by Malcolm Coles on the handling of the Amanda Knox case by the Daily Mail which appears on a search for “Daily Mail” in Google:


Detractors will no doubt point to the ‘cookie-cutter’ or templated feel of a website built using blogging software. However, as this Fasthosts articles shows (was that website really built using WordPress?) blogs can look and feel unique.

Who knew Stand Jasma (http://jasma.pt/) was built based on a wordpress theme…


For many of us, this level of design or customisation may be too much. The good news, is that there are literally hundreds of free wordpress templates (which can be further configured and customised) if something slightly less bespoke will do.

There are also numerous options to pay for a designed template – these are more exclusive (although others can pay as well) and often a good bit snazzier than the standard fare. Some of which bring step-changing functionality, such as the e-commerce options from Woothemes. Check out some of the leaders in this area:

Finally, this isn’t all about WordPress, recent changes to Blogger suggest an enormous potential to give any website a very different look and feel, as this video shows:

In conclusion, if you are thinking about a new or improved Website, we would urge you to look at blogging tools in terms of their potential to deliver what you need.

We would also urge you to plan your initiative effectively and remember Social Media Planning Pays 🙂

As always your comments and views are most welcome

Alan, Jim and Vincent

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