How Social Is Your Business School?

Having spent much of my working life in a Business School environment, I like to keep up-to-date with the progress being made by leading Schools in their use of social media.

A recent survey suggests that much still needs to be done before the BS sector is leveraging the full potential of social media for supporting student recruitment, programme delivery and the overall student experience.

Keynote findings reported in the ‘Social Media Skills a Must for MBAs’ article are as follows:

  • 85% of potential MBA students used social media to research their top choice of School
  • 14% were disappointed with their School’s use of SM at the recruitment stage and 63% ‘wanted more’
  • For current students, 55% stated that social media course options were either not available or were ‘not up to par’ with employer demands
  • 99% stated that social media was ‘mission critical’
  • Leading Schools are beginning to offer social media programmes including Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Stern

There can be little doubt that social media is having a profound impact on Business Schools. It is a legitimate question to ask, therefore, how social is your School? How well is your School using social media in the following areas?

  • School marketing, promotion and student recruitment: Does your School have an integrated and coordinated social media marketing strategy? Are you monitoring and listening to what is being said about your School online, by who and the overall sentiments being expressed?
  • Programme content: Does the content of your programmes adequately provide students with the social media skills and knowledge increasingly being demanded by prospective employers, especially the integration of social media with core business strategy and objectives
  • Programme delivery: How well are you using social media to support programme delivery and to enrich the student learning experience?
  • Programme assessment: Do your programme assessment procedures reflect the new ways of collaborative learning in a social media era or do you still cram students into an overcrowded exam hall for three hours and expect them to excel?
  • Career development: Do you provide students with advice and support on the best way to leverage social media for their own career development?
  • Alumni: How well are you using social media to build strong on-going relationships with your alumni?

Business School students, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, have grown up as part of the ‘Net Generation’. They use social media instinctively. How well have our Business Schools responded?

As usual, feedback and comments very welcome.

Jim, Alan, Vincent

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