New Facebook Changes: The Best, Recent Articles


As most of you are aware Facebook has made some fundamental changes to their Social Network, changes which have far reaching consequences for you as web users as well as in the context of your business and organisation. 650m of us now use Facebook, 500m regularly accessing the platform through our PCs and mobile devices.

It is not surprising therefore that literally hundreds of articles are published each time one of the major platforms, such as Facebook makes a change to its user interface or development environment.

To help navigate the latest changes, we have reviewed 50 of the best articles in this area, described and categorised these – providing an embedded table linking each article directly.

We have analysed a series of articles from the main sources of commentary around this area, including posts by Mashable, Techcrunch, Guardian Technology, ReadWriteWeb amongst many others. We have categorised the best articles in this area in terms of the main theme, as follows:

A. Overview of Changes – a description of what the changes are, how they will appear?
B. Impact on Businesses – what does this mean for businesses, marketers, developers and advertisers?
C. Impact on Privacy – what does this mean for data sharing and the concept of privacy?
D. Practical Steps – advice about getting started
E. What do you think – some vox pop data from web users, are recent changes good or bad?
F. Satirical – the recent changes have also been lampooned through cartoons and videos

…we’ve also noted each article’s use of multi-media content. Do they include videos and imagery – a big help when trying to get up to speed, quickly.

Please use the embedded table below to help navigate to very best articles on this subject or access these articles directly.

As always we look forward to your comments and opinions.

Alan, Jim and Vincent

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