How to deal with negative Facebook comments

A major trend over the last year or so has been the growing use of social media by customers voicing their complaints and grievances against brands. Why try to get through on a telephone based Call Centre when you can post your complaint instantly on Twitter, Facebook or brand related forum?

A recent article on the Social Media Examiner blog provides good advice on how to handle negative comments on your Facebook Business Page – ‘7 Tips for Dealing With Upset Facebook Fans’

Although focused on Facebook, the advice is highly relevant to other social media platforms. Notice that deleting the negative comment is NOT listed as an option. Unfortunately, that appears to be the preferred option for some brands and only serves to make the situation worse.

The ‘7 Tips’ are:

1: Respond no matter what
2: Be patient and understanding
3: Contact the customer privately
4: Consider asking the fan to remove the post
5: Respond back to the original post
6: Let your community respond
7: The Last Resort

For more detail on these tips click link –  7 Tips for Dealing With Upset Facebook Fans

What’s been your experience at handling complaints from upset fans? As a customer, have you ever used social media to voice a complaint? What type of response did you receive?

All comments welcome.


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