Are you on the road to nowhere?

The Talking Heads song ‘Road to Nowhere’ is a useful analogy for many businesses’ approach to Digital Media.

The ‘Road to Nowhere’ is…

  • Exhilarating, taking in some great places like Facebook, Twitter and iPad.
  • Dynamic, with a focus on what’s new and ‘where is everyone else going’?
  • Easy to join, you don’t need group consensus nor senior management buy-in.
  • Ill defined, there is no success-criteria, benchmarks or KPIs.
  • Expensive, thanks to feature creep and muddled thinking.
  • Wasteful, creating a “tried and failed” mindset and preventing future initiatives.

Focussing our attention on Digital roadmaps and cool, new technologies is a quick way to join the ‘Road to Nowhere’.

If you were affected by any of the issues raised in this article please let us know. We have a workshop just right for you 🙂

‘Social Media Planning Pays’.

As always your comments are most welcome.

Alan, Jim and Vincent

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