Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol 1. No. 14

Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol. 1 No. 14

Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest Vol. 1 No. 14

Welcome to Vol. 1 No. 14 of the Energise 2-0 Social Media Digest – our regular update of recent, useful articles covering the business impact of social media. As usual, we have divided the links into recent articles published on our own Energise 2-0 blog and ‘Best of the Rest’. Please do let us know if you find the Digest useful OR NOT. Also, if you would prefer it presented in a different format e.g. a much smaller number of links maybe with a detailed abstract of say the top 5 or so ‘must read’ articles. Any suggestions for improvement warmly received.

Energise 2-0 Posts:

How well is your Local Council using twitter?

Has your brain been re-wired by the Internet?

Liverpool FC launch social media campaign in China – will others follow?

9 more useful articles about Google+

Is your organisation social media mature?

Do you trust TripAdvisor hotel reviews?

What Our Customers Need

Energise Blog Post: UKTI’s social media strategy for UK exporters

Interesting comments/links on the ‘next Do Do’ question – Universities? Newspapers? Hotels? US Postal Service?

70% Of Companies ‘Don’t Get’ Social Media

Best of the Rest:

Content Without Advocacy is Just Words and Google Bait

Is Content Marketing Better Than Advertising?

Twitter wants to be all about real-time commerce

Five reasons your business is failing on Facebook

Qualitative Social Media Monitoring Tools (Sentiment Monitoring)

How first direct made the case for social media

Optimising for your most profitable long-term customers

Good advice from @dannybrown for brands hoping to use Google+

The Anatomy of a Web Redesign Failure

Google+: The Numbers Driving Its Growth [STATS]

A Guide to SEO Ranking Factors [Infographic]

Dell wants to use Google+ Hangouts for customer service

Hotels need to adapt to next gen guests

What do customers experience online? It pays to find out

Social media and travel: move beyond marketing

Marketing Executives Talk Social Media Strategy Then Don’t Deliver

Nice Work Online Marketers! Now You’re Killing the US Postal Service!

Google+ Wants to Makes Stars a Star!

Online Chat Isn’t Just for Service Delivery

4 Keys to Business Growth Through Customer Centricity

The Google + Wakeup Call: What it Means for Marketers

4 Free Tools to Help You Socially Monitor Your Brand

ESPN turning to Twitter to broadcast breaking news

Google+ Approaches 18 Million Users [REPORT]

Ten things marketers need to know about Google+

Another good one from Danny Brown – ‘Debunking Popular Myths of Social Media’

TripAdvisor reaches 50 million reviews http://dld.bz/ah32m – also our own ‘In TripAdvisor We Trust’ post

Google will not run Circles around Facebook, but it gets a +1

Television and social media: a match made in Hollywood?

46 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Brands struggle to measure social media ROI

Businesses should lift restrictions on use of social media

More evidence that #socialmedia done properly works – listen to your customers and respond

This is good – Mature v Immature Brands in Social Media

Free rooms in return for glowing Tripadvisor reviews

Ouch – hard hitting but true guest post on @dannybrown about cool and funky SM gurus

Another interesting read about Google + this time from a brand marketing pt of view

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