Identifying the Do-Dos

Following on from our recent post The Way of the Do-Do we have put together a shortlist of our Do-Do’s. Do you agree with these? Can you add a few more?

As the quote below suggests, it can be foolish to attempt to devine what will come:

“The Fool Predicts The Future, Criticizes The Present And Recounts The Past”
– Shakespeare within King Lear

Putting this aside it can also be a bit of fun. Just don’t bet your house on any of these predictions coming true any time soon!

Our top 5 potential Do-Dos are shown below:

1. Stamps and the Postal Service
– Scandanavians are already testing paid SMS alternatives where unique codes are provided and written on the letter. Will courier companies be better placed to fill the role of national postage services like the Royal Mail as the numbers of letters sent continues to fall.

2. Books & Libraries
– if MP3s and iPods can do for physical music surely eBooks and Kindles can have the same effect on Books. If we continue to use digital book formats could libraries be replaced by subsidised group discount schemes for e-Books.

3. Newspapers and Magazines
– News is “freely” available online, thank you Twitter and RSS feeds – newspaper circulation is almost uniformly down across every title. Is the writing on the wall, pardon the pun?

4. TV broadcasting
– Broadcasters are realising that anytime, anywhere content is a necessary component of their service. Viewing figures are also down, few programmes achieve more than 10m viewers (in the UK).

5. Print and TV advertising
– If traditional print and broadcast TV are in trouble then advertising revenue must be similarly threatened?

We would be interested in your views on the mainstream technologies and practices that you think will win in the next few years (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Foursquare anyone?) and those technologies, services and practices that will go the way of that large flightless bird from Mauritius.

Perhaps the following quote will provide some much needed insight:

“The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.”
Attributed to William Gibson (Science Fiction Author)

We look forward to your comments

Alan, Jim and Vincent

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