Is Your Business Anti-Social?

Anti-Social BehaviourBrian Solis is writing some of the best material on Social Media right now. In his latest article, he has captured the spirit of the moment once more – companies are keen to 'engage' through social media but precious few know how to 'be engaging'.

A question we have been asking (see our recent 'I am not a suspect' post) is – are we collectively missing the point here? If everyone focuses on creating great content that alone cannot be enough to separate the 'winners' from the 'losers'. Surely great content is the 'table stake' that keeps us in the game. On its own it is not enough. We should be using Social Media to deliver exceptional customer experiences especially to our 'Most Valuable Customers' at key 'Moments of Truth' in their relationship with us. This will make the difference.

As Solis notes, for even the most engaged brands- the experience between each new promotion, discount and campaign is poor. We must begin to think from the 'outside-in'. It starts with knowing the “why.” Why would a customer Like or Follow your brand today and tomorrow?

Think about this when you plan your next Social Media initiative. Why would anyone want to follow you?

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Is Your Business Anti-Social?


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