Top 20 European Football Clubs: Facebook League Table, June 2011

World CupAttached to this post, you will find our updated Facebook League Tables for the Top 20 Football Clubs in Europe covering the period May to June, 2011 (two tables). You can view previous posts in the series here:

Key points to note are as follows:

  • Barcelona continued to reinforce their position at the top of the Facebook League Table following another month of impressive growth with almost 17m 'likers' compared to 14.5m in May – a 16% growth rate. Over the last month, Barcelona added an average of 75,103 new 'likers' per day, an increase from 65,527 ‘likers’ per day in the previous period April to May. On current growth rates, they will be approaching the 20m mark by mid-to-late July
  • The top three clubs – Barcelona, Manchester Utd and Real Madrid – have a combined total of 48.4m 'likers', an increase from 42m ‘likers’ in May. We do not predict any change in the top five positions for next month, although Chelsea may overtake Liverpool into 6th position. In our May table, we suggested that Real Madrid could overtake Man Utd into second place although the former's participation in the Champions League Final could possibly compensate for that. It is interesting to note that Man Utd's growth rate for the last month increased from 14 to 17% while that for Real Madrid fell from 17 to 15%. Success on the Park (even though they lost the final) seems to have a direct impact on FB success
  • By mid-July, the top 4 clubs (including Arsenal) will have over 55m ‘likers’
  • It is interesting to note that the 'liker' growth rate for many clubs declined over the last month. It will be interesting to see whether this represents a plateau being reached or is more to do with the season end?
  • Some Clubs, especially the two Italian teams Inter and Juventus, did record impressive growth rates. Juventus, in particular, have increased their 'likers' from zero in April to 1.8m in June. However, as stated in our May post, this has been due to the 'takeover' of a number of 'unofficial' fanzine Facebook pages. We predict that AS Roma will be the next Club to do this. At the moment, there is no official AS Roma FB page but there are a number of very popular unofficial pages. It is probably only a matter of time before AS Roma follow the lead of Juventus and Valencia (reported in our March update)
  • As usual, comments and feedback are most welcome

    Vincent, Jim and Alan

    PS – we are aware that a number of other European teams should be in the Top 20 League in terms of number of Facebook ‘likers’. However, as mentioned in the first post of this series, our list is based on the top 20 clubs by turnover reported in the Deloitte Touche 2006 Report.

    Top 20 European Football Clubs Facebook League Table June 2011

    Any errors in the Tables please do let us know. Take care.


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