Mastering Social Media Executive Programme (Post 3)

Workshop 2: Social Media Strategy Development

Building on Workshop 1 ‘Getting the Foundations Right’, Workshop 2 covers Social Media Strategy Development.

On completion of the Workshop, participants will have agreed the social media vision and strategy for their organisation; the key objectives and targets to be achieved; Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be used; priority customer groups; the key social media actions and initiatives required; organisation, people and resource issues.

A simplified Balanced Scorecard approach will be used to ensure that your future social media actions and initiatives are fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives; that Key Performance Indicators have been agreed for monitoring and evaluating on-going social media performance, business impact and Return on Investment (ROI); and that all key success factors are considered, especially the organization, people and resource aspects critical to successful strategy implementation.

Key questions to be addressed during the session include:

  • What is the overall social media vision for your organisation?
  • What are the key objectives and targets to be achieved from social media? Are these fully aligned with and supportive of your overall business goals and objectives?
  • Who are your customers? Where do you find them ‘hanging out’ on social media? How can you best engage with them?
  • What are the main Social Media Actions and Initiatives you need to take – short, medium and longer term?
  • What generic social media strategy should you follow (number of channels used/ depth of engagement in each channel)?
  • For each priority Social Media Channel, what are your core objectives for that channel; what KPIs will be used for measuring on-going channel performance; what are your targets for each KPI; what key tasks are needed to achieve these targets?
  • Do we have the right organisational ‘culture’ and ‘mindset’ for Social Media? ‘Be social before doing social! Is the right organisational and decision-making structure in place?
  • Has agreement been reached on resource allocation?
  • Who will be responsible for your social media activities? What balance has been agreed between internal and external roles and responsibilities?
  • Who is the Social Media Champion?
  • Do you have agreed Social Media Policies and Guidelines in place covering ‘Proper Use’, ‘Content Management’, ‘Customer Response Times/Quality’ and ‘Legal’ aspects?

Using the ‘Social Media Toolkit’, participants will complete five exercises as follows:

Exercise 1: Social Media Vision
Agree a clear ‘vision/mission’ statement covering your future social media activities.

Exercise 2: Social Media Objectives, KPIs and Targets
Using the template provided, document your Social Media Objectives, KPIs and Targets.

Exercise 3: Customer Mapping and Segmentation Analysis

Use the template provided to undertake a Customer Mapping and Segmentation Analysis.

Exercise 4: Social Media Priorities
Based on the above, agree the main social media actions and initiatives you need to take to achieve agreed strategic objectives (Exercise 2), taking into account priority customer groups (Exercise 3). For each action/initiative, state clearly the overall objective to be achieved, KPIs and targets. In Workshop 3, you will develop specific Action Plans for each priority channel. For the moment, just ensure that the key actions and initiatives you have agreed are fully aligned with and supportive of your agreed objectives and customer groups.

Exercise 5: Organisation, People and Resource Issues
Use the template provided to agree organisational, people and resource issues critical to future social media success.

As usual, comments and feedback are very welcome.

We look forward to catching up again at the Workshop.

Take care.

Jim, Alan, Vincent

ps – slides and other support material for the session will be posted over the next day or so.


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  2. David Paterson
    March 10, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    Can you let me know when you are next in Malta and give me a email address.
    Dave in Gozo 21553420

    • Jim Hamill
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      Thanks David – i am over at the end of March for 10 days or so. You can email me through the contact section of this site in the first instance – thanks and take care Jim H