Mastering Social Media Executive Programme (Post 1)

mastering social media energise 2.0The first Executive Workshop on our ‘Mastering Social Media for Sustained Business Growth Programme’ takes place next Wednesday, 18th May. To support the Workshops, and to open up part of the content to those unable to attend, we will post updates over the four week duration of the Programme.

Post 1 provides a brief overview of Programme Objectives, Content, Structure etc. The content of Workshop 1 (to be held next week) will be covered in Post 2 to follow. As usual, feedback and comment are always welcome.

Programme Rationale

The basic rationale underlying the Mastering Programme is two-fold:

  • The opportunities (and threats) presented to all companies by the Social Media (SM) revolution, but especially to those companies wishing to expand geographically
  • The need for a ‘business first’ approach to fully leverage these emerging opportunities

Programme Objectives

The core objective of ‘Mastering Social Media’ is to ensure that the future social media activities of participating companies are fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives – a ‘business first’ approach. Using a Balanced Scorecard approach to Social Media Strategy Development, Implementation and Performance Measurement, the knowledge and skills gained from the Programme will ensure that social media produces real business benefits and high Return on Investment (ROI).

On completion of the programme, participating companies will have:

  • Developed a clear social media vision and strategy
  • Agreed the key business objectives, goals and targets to be achieved from social media
  • Identified the key social media actions and initiatives required for ‘getting there’
  • Developed ‘Action Plans’ for high priority social media channels
  • Fully aligned social media strategy to support core business goals and objectives
  • Agreed the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics and analytics to be used in measuring social media performance, business impact and ROI
  • Ensured that all key success factors have been considered, especially the organisation, people and resource aspects critical to successful Social Media implementation


The core structure of ‘Mastering Social Media’ comprises four key elements:

  • Three one-day workshops (1 per fortnight over 4 weeks)
  • Use of our innovative ‘Social Media Toolkit’ to develop, implement and performance manage a successful social media strategy
  • ‘1-to-1’ advice and support from the Programme Experts delivered electronically
  • An informal follow-up session 3 months after Programme end to ensure successful implementation and ROI


Core content of the three Workshops is summarized below. Future posts will cover each Workshop in more detail.

Workshop 1 – ‘The Foundations’

Overview of social media, growth, size, features, characteristics, do’s and dont’s; the new ‘mindset’ and performance measures required; business benefits of social media; case examples of successful practice; ‘social media planning pays’

Using the ‘Social Media Toolkit’, participating companies will undertake a detailed external analysis of their social media landscape identifying where the major opportunities exist, an internal analysis of progress made and ‘readiness to engage’.

Workshop 2 ‘Strategy Development’

Using the ‘Toolkit’, participants will agree the social media vision and strategy for their company; the key objectives and targets to be achieved; KPIs; customer segmentation; the key social media actions and initiatives to take; organisation, people and resource issues.

Workshop 3 ‘Implementation and Performance Measurement’

Using the ‘Toolkit’, Strategic Action Plans will be developed for high priority social media channels (e.g. facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube etc) and an agreed performance measurement system for monitoring on-going business impact and ROI

Full details of the Mastering Programme can be found at mastering-socialmedia.eventbrite.com

Feedback and comments always welcome.

Jim, Alan, Vincent


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