Social Media Videos (Part 1)

Since 2008, Alan and I have delivered over 50 of our ‘Creating the Buzz’ Social Media Workshops. In each workshop, videos are used to illustrate key features and characteristics of social media. Over the next two posts, we will list the top ten videos used to illustrate ‘social media in action’.

1. Battle at Kruger
The very first video we used back in the early days (2008:-)). It has nothing at all to do with business but was used to illustrate what was a new concept then – user generated content – and the growing power of emerging new media. When first shown, the video had been viewed 36 million times. It has now been viewed 57.7 million times. The video was also used to illustrate the potential of social media for delivering high return on marketing investment as follows: Cost to the Kruger National Park of producing the video = 0; ROI = 57.7 million people who have now been exposed to the Kruger brand. Its a long video (8 minutes). If you havent seen it yet, watch it until the end:-)

2. Danny MacAskill and Visit Scotland
Over 22 million people have now viewed this biking video of Danny MacAskill. It is used in workshops to illustrate the fact that corporate produced ‘broadcast’ videos do not work in a social media environment. Compare Danny’s video to the official Visit Scotland production promoting Scotland as a mountain biking destination (less than 6,000 views in 4 years). Which video is more likely to create a viral effect amongst bikers?

3. I’m Outta Here!
Probably my all time favourite. A video that illustrates very clearly the failure of traditional, mainstream marketing/advertising/PR people to understand the power shift taking place as a result of the social media revolution. No one listen’s to you any more guys!!!! Stop being so condescending!!!! Stop talking and start to listen!!!!

4. Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)
No comment on this one – just watch it! Even if you are one of the 1 million plus people who have already seen it – watch it again. Take note of the key points made and ask yourself ‘so what’? What are the implications of this video for my company? What are the implications for me?

5. The Italian Man Who Went to Malta
Please do not watch this if you are easily offended! There are a number of (almost) swear words used!
We teach social media in Venice, Italy and to the tourism industry in Malta so this video just has to be used:-). If we were running a tourism business in Malta, this is one of the channels we would be using to engage with potential customers. Over 15.7 million views and incredible funny too:-)

Next five videos to follow in Part 2. Hope you enjoy.

As usual, comment and feedback very welcome.

Take care

Jim and Alan

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